About Us

   Chris and I came from completely different ends of the equine world. Chris learned about horses from his grandfather Stan Lovell. There he learned to farm with drafts and draft mules. As an adult he competed in Mule pulls across the state.

    I learned to ride from my Aunt. At four years old I rode her mustang around the yard and into her basement. I was given my first horse, a Morgan, at ten years old. From there I was in 4-H and Equestrian team. I started training professionally in 2002, the summer after my junior year in high school. My senior year in high school I interned with a local trainer who focuses on Natural Horsemanship techniques. After high school I attended Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center in West Virginia. There I learned dressage riding principles and gained knowledge in teaching people. I later coached the Junior and Senior Equestrian teams and in 2009 as head coach our senior team went to the State competition. I left the Equestrian team when my son Austin came into this world, and returned in 2014. That same year I became the secretary of the Percheron Association of Michigan.

In 2011 we married and decided to focus our equine obsessions on Percheron draft horses. We also offer lessons and training for saddle horses. At any given time we have atleast one horse for sale and even if we do not own what you are looking for we would love to help you find whatever it is you are searching for! Please feel free to contact us with all of your horse needs!